Mt. Tabor SDA church is excited to partner in ministry with the Boqueron District of the Adventist church in Panama as well as the Instituto Adventista Panameño (an SDA secondary school and sanitarium). Our church is raising funds for a few key projects in Panama: construction for 4 church buildings, purchasing a bus for the school, and continuing to provide food baskets to those in need. 

In addition to this, every 4th Sabbath of the month Mt. Tabor will be gathering supplies that can be used in ministry at the churches and school. These supplies are harder to come by at a fair price in Panama and will be greatly appreciated. As supplies are collected, we will send them down to our friends. 

At Mt. Tabor, we are excited to be a part of this world-wide mission effort to spread the good news of Jesus. If you would like to give to one of these specific areas of mission in Panama, you can write on your tithe envelope Panama FoodPanama Bus, or Panama Church. If you would like to give to Panama but don’t mind where money goes specifically, you can simply write Panama. You can do the same via as well.

Giving codes for Panama: food baskets is 9871, school bus is 9871.01, church construction is 9871.02, Panama mission in general is 9871.03.

Thank you for being a part of both our local and global church community!

For over 30 years, Mt. Tabor SDA Church has been serving young families in the community through Discoveryland, its onsite early childhood education center.
Since its inception, thousands of children have found a warm, loving environment at Discoveryland where they can learn about Jesus–many for the first time! Discoveryland provides a quality child development program that contributes to the physical, social, mental, and spiritual growth of children.
Mt. Tabor SDA Church is excited to be in partnership with this unique and needed ministry to local families. Through the mission of Discoveryland, seeds of faith are being planted in the hearts of children.