Mission Outreach

ADRAAdventist Development & Relief Agency International

Adventist Missions

Adventist Family Ministries — How do I balance work, home, and church?

CHIP — Complete Health Improvement Project – Getting Into CHIP for 30 Days . . . Could Change The Rest of Your Life!

People to People Ministries — Online Bible studies and presentations.

Portland Adventist Community Services (PACS)

PACS exists for those who need help. It also exists for those wanting to help. Be it through financial support or volunteer work, PACS connects individuals who are seeking to make a difference with those who are experiencing need.

Following the example of Jesus, PACS puts a special emphasis on dignity in each area of service. The organization includes the following programs:

• Food Pantry (emergency food for low-income families)
• Health Clinic (primary health care for people with no insurance)
• Thrift Store (low-cost clothing & household items)

For a more personal look at PACS, check out our Restoring Dignity Blog.

Project Patch — A Christian, residential behavioral treatment program for at-risk youth.

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