Inspiring Worship

Worship is about a real encounter between the worshipper and God.  God can be experienced through liturgical, traditional, contemporary, post-modern, casual, formal, high-church, lowchurch, or whatever style. The form and style of worship should serve to set an environment in which worshippers can experience the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Worship should never be only about the gathered congregation, but should be engaging for new people who might be unfamiliar with church culture and traditions.

Inspiring worship is worship that fills people with the Holy Spirit and commissions people to carry the energy of the Spirit into their world-changing, life-altering missions and ministries.

Worship is the most obvious connection many people have to the local church. These public gatherings help set the stage for the participants to live out Christian faith in everyday life. Inspiring Worship is one of the eight characteristics of a healthy, growing church. Inspiring Worship takes many forms but has one essential result: worshippers know they have been in the presence of God!

Mt. Tabor’s Music Ministry Vision:
To provide the highest quality music for worship through various genres not as a demonstration of our talent but as a “Sacrifice of Praise” for God.
Mt. Tabor’s Music Ministry Goals:
 • To lead our congregation in praise and worship with voice and instruments.
 • To provide a balanced program that appreciates our past and embraces our future.
• To have an inclusive program where all are invited to participate with voice or