What? Where? When?

FREE Conference Coming Live to Portland, OR Beginning Friday, March 8, 2019

Prophecies from the Bible are unfolding in front of our eyes. Life-changing events are stirring, leaving most of us in fear of the future. But God saw it all coming and the Bible will give you the answers to be free of fear and anxiety in these chaotic times. This FREE Event is designed for anyone interested in the predictions of the Bible, signs of prophecy in our world today, or understanding global issues and their effect on Christian lives today.

About the Speaker

International speaker, Myckal Morehouse, brings his decade+ experience to Portland as he presents evidence for the validity of the Bible and the importance of understanding Bible prophecy today. Myckal’s authentic and easy-to-understand teachings will encourage you to dig deeper into your quest for faith and to come out with powerful tools for how to get the most out of your life today.


Bible Study: Saturdays at 9:30am

Join us for Bible study every Saturday morning at 9:30 am in the Fireside Chapel or in the library.

Worship Experience: Saturdays at 10:45am

Each Saturday at 10:45am we gather for worship, singing praise to our God, praying and sharing in the wonderful majesty of our Father in Heaven. Won’t you join us?

Fellowship Lunch: 3rd Saturday of the Month

On the third Saturday of each month (unless otherwise planned) we gather after the worship experience to have lunch together. You are welcome to join us anytime. Share your favorite vegetarian dish with us. On special occasions such at Thanksgiving and Christmas, we can choose to decorate a table and invite guests, family and friends to join us. Won’t you join us? Please check the calendar above for date changes.